The Romanian Rivers and the hydropower impact

This map is a common concept WWF – ESRI created for educational and scientific purposes. WWF considers this map an interactive tool for the use of both general public and specialists, that illustrates the locations of hydropower plants in Romania in different stages of planning or operation and provides various technical information regarding these power plants, versus the natural protected areas as well as the ecological status of rivers.


*** The information regarding the location of the hydropower plant was provided during July 2016 – August 2017 by the Environmental Protection Agencies and “Romanian Waters” National Administration under the Law 544/2001 regarding the free access to public information. A number of approx. 100 plants (mainly old ones constructed before 1990) are not integrated in the map due to lack of GPS coordinates.

*** The information about the protected areas such as SCI, scientific reserves, national parks, natural monuments, nature reserves, natural parks and Geoparks was entirely obtained from the website of the Ministry of Environmental and Climate Changes at:
https://mmediu. ro/protectia_naturii/protectia_naturii.htm

***The information about the ecological status of the rivers was obtained from the website EIONET Central Data Repository and Romanian Waters: (see source license:; and the “Romanian Waters” National Administration

***The data regarding the river network of Romania were downloaded from:; (source license: not to use data / applications for commercial purposes unless the Agency has expressly given the right to do so) Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development: and the National Institute Research and Development „Danube Delta”:

Given that there are some inconsistencies between the rivers network and the limits of protected areas in Romania, the lack of detailed mapping in Romania, as well as the lack of GPS coordinates for the hydropower plant done before 1990, the final result being established also based on the interpretation of specialists involved, WWF and ESRI do not guarantee 100% accuracy of the information presented and cannot assume liability for any third party interpretation. Data related to this map (regardless of type) cannot be used for commercial purposes, unless the elaborators have expressly given the right to do so.